Amidst the cosy lanes of Shakurpur Basti (Delhi), there was our house. I used to live with mummy and papa on the first floor, while the other members downstairs. The unauthorized lanes way more congested than could be thought.

It was a regular day, a chilly cold morning of January in Delhi. When the whole society was sleeping my labourer father woke up early so as to get to work on time; mummy woke up as well to prepare breakfast for him and also to get to her place of work as well. She is a maid. she is not doing it by choice, but to help papa, so that they both could arrange a little amount of money to give their daughter good education. Soon they both left at their usual time.

I was alone in the one room house of ours and was playing with my soft toys. Suddenly I heard a thud on the door, I got scared and I was too small to realize that bade bhaiya “bardged” in our one room house. He held me in my arms, and started cuddling me ( for a while only)I thought he came there to take me downstairs to the other family members. But to my surprise, he threw me on the floor and at the age of 8 months, I was too young to understand what he was doing with me. I was crying in pain. An unbearable pain. He was putting some part of his body, the lower part, inside my body.

I was too small to cry for help or run away from there, I fell unconscious, seeing this bade bhaiya fled away fearing his heinous act killed me. It was only after my mother came from work and saw me crying loudly and bleeding profusely from my genitals, she rushed to the nearby hospital, where doctors after seeing my condition and examining confirmed I was sexually assaulted and was critical due to the extent of injuries. My internal organs have been damaged.

There was a chaos outside my small house. Soon, news of my rape spreaded like a forest fire and I was the new breaking news of leading news channels.

Bade bhaiya was handed over to police. I was lying in the hospital bed, doctors said I was unable to urinate and poop, so they connected another pipe through my intestine, so that I can stay alive for 1 to 2 years or even less. But, what’s the use of this life..?

Blame game was on among different political parties. Opposition parties just got an interesting topic to hold power in next elections. Moreover, few people came to the streets to protest againt what has happened, for a day..! And then everything went normal.. as it always happens in our Indian society.!

Bade bhaiya is in jail, but, till when…? He will be free after few years, as all rapists in India are priviledged by.

But amidst all this, I saw the charred faces of my parents. They must be blaming themselves for leaving their 8 months daughter alone with their family members. Every moment I cry, mummy cries with me, when I used to see her, she would give a fake smile, no one in the world can understand her agony. Papa, papa doesn’t face me much.

Fathers are seen as hard rocks who stands stiff for the betterment of the future of their children, but , in that hospital ward, I saw a rock melting, in a corner.. helplessly…

Mummy papa must be blaming the day I was born, not because I was a girl, but what has happened to me. I was just 8 months old, I did not wore any fancy clothes, nor did I seduced anyone, neither I was drunk and it happened in daylight ! ( I wasn’t partying at night !!)

I was at the fault of having a vagina. Yes, this was the blunder!

So, I would just ask the society, who would they blame now, because it wasn’t my fault to come to this earth, when my father’s X chromosome met my mother’s X chromosome , I was brought to this world.

Now let’s have a look at the punishment for a rapist who destroyed a girl’s life and made it worse than hell. The minimum punishment is of 7 years. Just 7 years..?? After killing a girl’s soul and having served in prison for 7 years, they are free.

To rape again !!!

The maximum punishment is life imprisonment or death penalty ( which is not been awarded to anyone till date) !

Is wearing a covered dress is the solution?

Is working on flexible hours ( according to our Indian society) is the solution?

Is staying indoors is the solution?

Are late night parties are the cause?

Is having a glass of wine is the cause?

I just have one question to our respected SOCIETY, What is our fault.? Please tell us!

Some words on this horrendous event – by Prashant Gupta


Mind your words, It makes her cry
She’s a whore coz she shows her thigh,
Ever think you judge her, why?
In the end it’s her and I.
Try to hide but deep inside
She want to tell you, she want to fly
But you always want to make her lye
In the End, she end up scream so high.
Scream so high, scream so high….

No matter what she wore, they always found her a whore,
Close the door, open the drawer, take the skore,
On the floor, all the four, ripped off what she wore,
Now everyone just want to pour,
She end up screaming more and more.
They always come to help, they always want her to be aided,
Because they found her a bed sheet who should always be bedded,
Humanity in this world is now getting faded.


To end this i just want to share this image to all Indians



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