The beauty of Himalayas is worth more than just explaining in words. The aesthetic views are a delight to eyes. But here, I am not going to describe about beauty and placidity of the Himalayas.

Life is no cakewalk for people, or more clearly I say for women living in Himalayan villages, for those five days of every month. Yes, here I am going to talk about periods or menstrual flow.

In our country, menstruation is not just about a biological process taking place in a woman’s body, but is also related  to irrelevant beliefs and ideologies and myths.

In our village, here in Kullu district, when any of us gets on our menstrual cycle, a different kind of therapy is given to us, we are confined to cow and goat sheds and are forced to sleep in wood and stone sheds, stained with cow dung and urine. This all is attributed to the fact that all of  a sudden, a normal woman, who starts menstruating has become ‘impure’. 

In such developed and advanced times, we are not allowed to enter temples or even our own homes, and even the toilets, as people think that doing so would bring misfortune upon our families.

Isn’t these things ridiculous and put doubt over a woman’s dignity and safety.!

When we are made, or I can say forced to sleep in a cattle shed, we are exposed to dangerous insects, bacteria and viruses. Moreover, the threat of physical and sexual assault, while sleeping in a cattle shed, far away from home, increases in multiple times.

But who cares..?  A sexual assault or molestation is the fault of a woman only, according to some of the bigot minds of our society. Better let’s not get into it !!!

I don’t understand the claims that how a menstruating woman becomes ‘impure’.

HOW !?!

It is just a biological process, since the origin of mankind, which can be explained simply as –

The regular discharge of blood and mucosal tissue from the inner lining of uterus through vagina; and this occurs due to the rise and fall of hormones. The cycle results in the thickening of the lining of the uterus, and the growth of an egg ( which is required for pregnancy ). The egg is released from the ovary around day fourteen in the cycle and the thickened line of the uterus provides nutrients to the embryo after implanatation.

If pregnancy does not occur, the lining is released, and that is what known as menstruation.

So, how come this biological process makes a woman impure and the one who brings misfortune to their families?

Stop treating menstruation as an alienated process in a woman’s body and attaching it with taboos and myths.


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