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The beauty of Himalayas is worth more than just explaining in words. The aesthetic views are a delight to eyes. But here, I am not going to describe about beauty and placidity of the Himalayas.

Life is no cakewalk for people, or more clearly I say for women living in Himalayan villages, for those five days of every month. Yes, here I am going to talk about periods or menstrual flow.

In our country, menstruation is not just about a biological process taking place in a woman’s body, but is also related  to irrelevant beliefs and ideologies and myths.

In our village, here in Kullu district, when any of us gets on our menstrual cycle, a different kind of therapy is given to us, we are confined to cow and goat sheds and are forced to sleep in wood and stone sheds, stained with cow dung and urine. This all is attributed to the fact that all of  a sudden, a normal woman, who starts menstruating has become ‘impure’. 

In such developed and advanced times, we are not allowed to enter temples or even our own homes, and even the toilets, as people think that doing so would bring misfortune upon our families.

Isn’t these things ridiculous and put doubt over a woman’s dignity and safety.!

When we are made, or I can say forced to sleep in a cattle shed, we are exposed to dangerous insects, bacteria and viruses. Moreover, the threat of physical and sexual assault, while sleeping in a cattle shed, far away from home, increases in multiple times.

But who cares..?  A sexual assault or molestation is the fault of a woman only, according to some of the bigot minds of our society. Better let’s not get into it !!!

I don’t understand the claims that how a menstruating woman becomes ‘impure’.

HOW !?!

It is just a biological process, since the origin of mankind, which can be explained simply as –

The regular discharge of blood and mucosal tissue from the inner lining of uterus through vagina; and this occurs due to the rise and fall of hormones. The cycle results in the thickening of the lining of the uterus, and the growth of an egg ( which is required for pregnancy ). The egg is released from the ovary around day fourteen in the cycle and the thickened line of the uterus provides nutrients to the embryo after implanatation.

If pregnancy does not occur, the lining is released, and that is what known as menstruation.

So, how come this biological process makes a woman impure and the one who brings misfortune to their families?

Stop treating menstruation as an alienated process in a woman’s body and attaching it with taboos and myths.



Last week, the news of Mosul killings – the killing of 39 Indian workers, abducted by IS flashed on the leading news channels.

I felt heartbroken and tearful when I saw those visuals of clothes and skeletal remains on TV. Thousands of kilometers away from their homeland, these workers went to Iraq in search of a job to make their living and betterment of deteriorating family conditions. But who knew that only their bones will come back to their homes.

According to the report of external home ministry, the body of 39 workers were found in a mass grave in Badush village, in the northern part of Iraq and that DNA test has provided a concrete proof for the identification of the slain.

Though, external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj, stated, “ With full proof I can say these 39 are dead.”, bringing closure to one of the longest search operations in India’s history, for the last three years, a few questions have been bothering the national spirit of thinking.

One of the workers, Harjit Masih, who rescued himself from the IS saying he was a Muslim, after coming back to India, said all of the 39 workers were killed in front of his eyes.

Yes, his explanation of being rescued, for being  a Muslim is quite flimsy, as the IS is itself involved in irreligious acts, and religion has never been an obstacle to their extremist moves of destruction.

Three years back, debate was on in parliament, with the opposition asking why the government wasn’t even considering Masih’s claims. In my views, if at that time, proper actions were taken, without asking for evidence, had one or two of the missing men must have returned.

In all this, we cannot forget the efforts made by Gen. VK Singh, it deserved to be taken into consideration. Last July, when Mosul finally liberated from the killer group of IS, the next day, Gen. VK Singh was sent to Mosul, given the responsibility of searching for the missing Indians.

In the absence of any prior arrangements, General Singh had to sleep on the floor along with other soldiers one evening.

All democratic governments in the world, including India, is fighting hard against the demonic organization such as IS.

But is it the sole responsibility of our governments, to make us safeguard from such horrendous situations, not the society ?

Why don’t we pledge that we won’t let organisations such as Isis enter India ? It is the failure of our society when the IS flags are waved in Kashmir or any other part of our country.

At the end, my question to the parliamentarians When the  common Indian people will be given the liberty of livelihood, so they don’t have to go away from their lands and killed by such conspiracies.



Stephen W. Hawking, the Cambridge University Physicist and best selling author who roamed the cosmos from a wheelchair, bringing important considerations about the nature of gravity and the origin of universe and becoming an emblem of human determination and curiosity died early on 14th March, 2018 at his home in Cambridge, England. He was 76.

His illness defined British Physicist Stephen Hawking as much as his genius. As a student in 1963, he learned that he was diagnosed with a degenerative motor-neuron disease called Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis (AML); when he was just 22 years old and was given few years to live. However, he beat the prognosis for another 54 years after that, dying at the age of 76.

What is ALS?

Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis – is one of the four types of rare degenerative motor-neuron disease.

The neuron in the brain and spinal cord that control motor function starts degenerating. With the neurons gone, brain cells cannot communicate with the muscles which stop functioning. It is a progressive disease that slowly affects all the motor functions, including eating and breathing, finally leading to the death of the patient.

A Great Physicist

Hawking went on to become his generation’s leader in exploring gravity and the properties of black holes, and about the bottomless gravitational pits – so deep and dense that not even light can escape them. His works led to a turning point in Physics. In the year of 1973, he applied the quantum theory to the black holes.

In a long and daunting calculation, Hawking discovered to his befuddlement that black holes, – were not black at all. In fact he, found, they would eventually fizzle, leaking radition and particles, and finally explode and disappear over the eons.

Hawking was a man who pushed the limits. He travelled the globe to scientific meetings, visiting every continent, including Anctartica; wrote best selling books about his work; married twice; fathered three children; and was not above appearing on the Simpsons, Star Trek  : The Next Generation or The Big Bang Theory.

Hawking’s words on death, “ When you are faced with the possibility of an early death, it makes you realize that life is worth living and that there are a lot of things you want to do.”


Hawking’s work for Science

  • Hawking- Bekenstein Radiation

In 1974, Stephen Hawking and Jacob Bekenstein showed that black holes produce and emit sub-atomic particles. Their discovery allowed for the possibility that black holes loose energy and ultimately die. Black holes are regions in gravitational fields where no particle can escape gravity.

  •  Open Universe

In 1981, Hawking represented his postulates about the boundless universe theory. He worked with Jim Hartle to combine general relativity with quantum mechanics to prove that the universe has no boundaries.

  • Space-time Singularity

Hawking and Roger Penrose, mathematically proved the existence of singularity, where space-time curve infinitely. Penrose has shown this is what happens in the black holes formation. He and Hawking applied the concept to the universe. Singularity is region of infinite density in black holes.

  • The theory of everything

Hawking bring together the general relativity and quantum theory, which describes how sub-atomic particles behave to come up with agrand theory that would, as he put it, “provide a complete understanding of the universe.”

  • Getting the world interested in Universe

Hawking was a science populariser par excellence. His signature ribotic voice was recognized the world over, making him a beloved cultural icon, with the appearances in popular TV shows.


Best Sellers by Hawking

  • A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME (1988)       

In this book, Hawking navigates the Big Bang Theory, black holes, spiral galaxies and string theory to explain the origin, structure, development and the eventual fate of the universe.


In this 2010 book, co-written with American physicist Leonard Mlodinow, Hawking says evolution is a lot about chance in the universe where a slight change in constants that control nuclear synthesis could produce a world with no carbon and oxygen.


In this collection of 13 essays and an extended interview, Hawking expands on how black holes create baby universe, imaginary time and the search for  a unified theory for everything.


This books makes the earlier classic even more accessible by both clarifying and expanding on the nature of space and time, the role of God in creation, black holes, string theory, the history and future of the universe and the search for a unified theory.

  • MY BRIEF HISTORY (2013)     

This book is a witty and candid account of Hawking’s journey from his post war London boyhood to his celebrity. Illustrated with photographs, it follows the life of the inquisitive student named ‘Einstein’ at St. Albans School near London.


In Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, tens of thousands of refugees flee over the border from Burma.


  • Stateless Muslim ethnic minority in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, thought to number about one million.
  • Though they have been living in South East Asian countries for generations, Myanmar does not recognize them as citizens or one of the 135 recognized ethnic groups in the country; and even excluded them from the 2014 census, refusing to recognize them as people.
  • They speak a dialect of Bengali, as opposed to the commonly spoken Burmese language in Myanmar.


Until 2011, Myanmar was ruled by military Junta and they has been accused of ethnic cleansing in Rakhine state by the United Nations. Thousands of Rohingyas were deported to Bangladesh in the 70s and the citizenship law was enacted by the Junta.


After the political reforms in Myanmar, general elections occurred in 2015, but things changed little for the Rohingyas as the democratically elected government, headed by president Htin kyaw has been unwilling to grant citizenship to them.


In June 2012, sectarian violence began between Rohingyas and Rakhine’s Buddhist natives; following the rape and murder of Rakhine women in Rohingya dominated locality.

Another round of riots began in October 2012, due to which the government moved Rohingyas  to refugee camps. This ethnic conflict flared up as religious violence spreading to other province of Myanmar. It was finally contained in 2013 after military intervention.


Muslim militants in Myanmar staged a coordinated attack on 30 police posts and an army base in Rakhine State on August 25. In  the counter attack by army, at least 59 of the insurgents and 12 security personnel were killed.

ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army) claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The “clearance operation” to root out ARSA launched by the Myanmar military has once again affected the lives of Rohingya, many of whom have been living in relief camps since 2012. Thousands of people have been killed and women raped since then.


Since late 2016, an estimated 87,000 Rohingyas have fled  Myanmar to Bangladesh. The influx has been increasing since August,25. Over 5 lakh Rohingyas have taken shelter in Bangladesh over last 2 decades and thus the prime minister of Bangladesh “Sheikh Hasina” is now clearly unwilling to take in more of them.

Bangladesh has opened it’s border upon UNHCR’s ( United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) request and continues to shelter the Rohingyas in over crowded refugee camps at Cox Bazaar.



According to articles positioned by the Government of India, Rohingyas constitute a threat to the national security of India.

In India, there are an estimated 40,000 Rohingyas, which are mostly Muslim, have already sought refuge under the United Nations’ auspices, after they escaped earlier brutality and atrocities by the Myanmar forces. The matter is in the Supreme Court. The Government of India has been battling it out in the Supreme Court with lawyers representing Rohingya petitioners. The government maintains its right to deport Rohingyas who may cross the border into India since the latest violence and exodus broke last year in August.

A three judge bench has delivered a statement saying children and women do not know anything about it and thus there is a need to balance national integrity and human rights.

India till now has managed to keep at a arm’s length from the issue. Its policy is treading tightly with Myanmar, out of geopolitical and geoeconomic concerns. But now, the situation appears to have settle down, India needs to look at the crisis in the eye.



Sources: Wikipedia, Hindustan Times (Delhi)



Anand Karaj is the Sikh marriage ceremony, meaning, ‘blissful union’ or ‘joyful union of Sikh male and Sikh female’. It was introduced by Guru Amar Das.

It was originally legalized in India through the passage of Anand Marrige Act, 1909 ,but is now governed by Sikh Reht Maryada that was issued by Shiromani Gurudwaara Prabandhan Committee( SGPC).


For over a hundred years, Sikhs were made to register their marriages under tha Hindu Marrige Act, 1955 as the Anand Marriage Act (for Sikhs) initiated during the British era of 1909, has not been implemented. This was a great trouble for members of the Sikh community, especially, for those who moved abroad, as while they were identified as ‘Sikh’, their marriages were registered as ‘Hindu’.


  • Passed by the British Imperial Legislative Council in 1909.
  • It was to establish the legal validity of the marriage ceremony among the Sikhs called ANAND KARAJ.
  • In 2012, the Anand Marriage (Amendment) Bill was passed in the parliament during the tenure of Manmohan led UPA – government.
  • The bill received the then president Pratibha Patil’s assent also.




  • Both the partners must be Sikh.
  • Marriage is a partnership of equals.
  • No consideration is to be given to caste, social status, race or lineage,
  • No dowry is allowed.
  • No day is considered holier above than other, hence, no astrological considerations are to be made and no superstitions are to be observed in fixing the date of wedding.
  • The religious ceremony is to take place in a gurudwaara only.



A 109- year old demand of Sikhs has finally been met by the Government of Delhi.

On January 17, 2018 , Delhi revenue minister Kailash Gahlot reported that the framing of provisions under the Anand Marriage Act was in final stage and would be notified soon.

Therefore, Sikh marriages will be registered under the Anand Marriage Act in the national capital. Delhi is the 1st state in the country to implement the Anand Marriage Act for registration of Sikh marriages.



Pakistan’s most populous province of Punjab created history on March 14, 2018 by passing the Punjab Sikhs Anand Karaj Marriages Act, 2018. The law was unanimously passed by the assembly.

The bill will come into force after approval by the provincial governer of Pakistan. Every Sikh Marriage that took place before the bill came into force will also gain legal status.

UNEMPLYOMENT- SELF EMPLYOMENT, Lets put heads together !!


Unemplyoment is the problem of every developing nation. Due to increase in population day by day, government is unable to ensure jobs to everyone.

Therefore, many developing countries are following the conventional strategy of creating employment by attracting people, offering them tax rebates, i.e., partial refund ; including many other facilities to lure them, so they (employers) locate their upcoming plants on their soil, thus creating industrial employment.

But there are certain limitations to this:

  • Industrial plants create toxic wastes which results in air and water pollution and other environmental issues, which outweighs the benefits made by the industries.
  • The little benefit made brings only substantial relief to the dwindling economy of the host country , in addition the profits made are carried back by the parent country…

SELF EMPLOYMENT, this on the other hand has no such drawbacks.

The only issue with self employment is that it is not as fancy or high class as a new factory.

  • The biggest benefit is that the profits made remain in the same country where they are produced.
  • Newly self employed industries are too small to create environmental pollution.
  • It is helpful to poor person, as it gives him a sense of pride and self respect, in addition, he is his own incharge of the working hours and conditions.
  • It helps people to choose between running a business full time or part time, for a salary.
  • The illiterate and poor can also exploit their strengths as for self employment one has to be street smart and have traditional skill rather than having a degree in marketing; in simple words, it is not mandatory.
  • Self employment gives victims of prejudice, who coluld not be hired because of their colour or the national origin and chance to eran a living.
  • The cost of creating self employment is 10, 20 0r 100 times lesser than creating industry based employment.

Self employment has some limitations also, but in an economy like India, where corruption is in roots and the taxpayers refuse to carry their loyal duties on their shoulders.

Here in our country, the policy needed for eradication of poverty must be much wider and deeper than just to think and talk about it. Real eradication of poverty begins when people are able to control their own fate.

Poor people are like BONSAI TRESS.

When we plant the best seed of the tallest tree in a flower pot, we get a replica of the tallest tree, only inches tall. There is nothing wrong with the seed we planted; only the soil base, thatb is too inadequate. Poor people are BONSAI PEOPLE. There is nothing wrong with their seeds. Simply, society never gave them the base to grow.

All it takes to get the poor people out of poverty is for us to create an enabling environment for them. Once the poor are able to unleash their energy and creativity, poverty will disapper quickly.

For a change, the central government of India has launched certain schemes to promote self employment among the people.


Launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25th September, 2014.


To promote India to be a manufacturing hub.

Economic transformation in India.

To eliminate unnecessary law and regulation.

Total 25 sectors have been included in this. Some of them are-

Automobile, Chemicals, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Leather, Tourism and hospitality, Design manufacturing, Renewable energy, Mining, Electronics.


Launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15th July, 2015.

Focuses on creating jobs for the youth.

The government has decided to revamp the outdated industrial training centres that will skill over 20 lakh youth annually and creating 500 million jobs by 2020.

If our government is giving us opportunities and platform like this, we should grab them as responsible countrymen to give a helping hand to poverty and unemployed youth of the society.

RIGHT TO DIE WITH DIGNITY- Living Bill now a legal document


In a landmark verdict, the Supreme Court on 9th March, 2018 ruled that under specific circumstances, a person has the right to decide against artificial life support by creating a living bill.

What is a living bill?

It is a document to decide on ending life in case the person becomes terminally ill, gets into vegetative state (i.e., coma) and has no hope of recovery.

A five judge constitutional bench led by Chief justice of India – Deepak Misra, upheld a person’s right to choose passive euthanasia, by creating an Advance Medical Directive – commonly referred to as living bill. Although, active euthanasia continues to be illegal in India.

Difference between active and passive euthanasia –

Active euthanasia – Better known as assisted death, in which death is medically administered using a lethal injection.

Passive euthanasia – It refers to the withdrawal of life support or medical treatment in cases where a person has slipped into a permanent vegetative state, or a terminal illness with no hope of recovery.

The judgement was delivered on a Public interest litigation (PIL) filed by Delhi based non-governmental organization, COMMON CAUSE in 2005, pleading for an individual’s right to make living will document for passive euthanasia.

People among classes welcomed the decision. The lawyer arguing on the behalf of COMMON CAUSE said that there was a sigh of relief, because  people were earlier worried and anxious regarding the matter of withdrawing life support, as they could have been prosecuted for culpable homicide for this.

When and why it all started?

The need to change euthanasia laws was triggered by the case of Aruna Ramchandra Shanbaug, a 25 – year old nurse who was raped and choked by a ward boy named Sohanlal Bhartha Walmiki in 1973, with a dog chain and thus the lack of oxygen damaged her brain stem. She was in a vegetative state for over 40 years. In 2009, a plea was filed in SC seeking mercy killing for her, but it was rejected in 2011. The SC, however permitted passive euthanasia. Shanbaug died in 2015 of a cardiac arrest brought on by pneumonia.

When to make a living bill –

  • Person is of sound mind and can comprehend the consequences of executing the document.
  • Voluntarily and under no threat.
  • Person should be an adult.
  • If there is more than one living bill, the most recently signed one will be valid.


Essential elements–

  • State the time to withdraw medical treatment
  • State the circumstances : permanent vegetative state, terminal illness, incurable conditions
  • State that the person may revoke the will at any time.



  • Signed by the person, two witnesses and a judicial magistrate.
  • A copy should be handed over to a municipal corporation, municipality or panchayat.



  • The hospital will constitute a medical board to form a preliminary opinion on whether or not to put instructions as per the will.
  • After certification by the medical board, the hospital will inform the district collector.
  • The collector will constitute another medical board to give a final opinion on whether or not to withdraw treatment.
  • The judicial magistrate is informed of the second board’s decision, and must visit the patient. He authorizes the decision of medical board.





Amidst the cosy lanes of Shakurpur Basti (Delhi), there was our house. I used to live with mummy and papa on the first floor, while the other members downstairs. The unauthorized lanes way more congested than could be thought.

It was a regular day, a chilly cold morning of January in Delhi. When the whole society was sleeping my labourer father woke up early so as to get to work on time; mummy woke up as well to prepare breakfast for him and also to get to her place of work as well. She is a maid. she is not doing it by choice, but to help papa, so that they both could arrange a little amount of money to give their daughter good education. Soon they both left at their usual time.

I was alone in the one room house of ours and was playing with my soft toys. Suddenly I heard a thud on the door, I got scared and I was too small to realize that bade bhaiya “bardged” in our one room house. He held me in my arms, and started cuddling me ( for a while only)I thought he came there to take me downstairs to the other family members. But to my surprise, he threw me on the floor and at the age of 8 months, I was too young to understand what he was doing with me. I was crying in pain. An unbearable pain. He was putting some part of his body, the lower part, inside my body.

I was too small to cry for help or run away from there, I fell unconscious, seeing this bade bhaiya fled away fearing his heinous act killed me. It was only after my mother came from work and saw me crying loudly and bleeding profusely from my genitals, she rushed to the nearby hospital, where doctors after seeing my condition and examining confirmed I was sexually assaulted and was critical due to the extent of injuries. My internal organs have been damaged.

There was a chaos outside my small house. Soon, news of my rape spreaded like a forest fire and I was the new breaking news of leading news channels.

Bade bhaiya was handed over to police. I was lying in the hospital bed, doctors said I was unable to urinate and poop, so they connected another pipe through my intestine, so that I can stay alive for 1 to 2 years or even less. But, what’s the use of this life..?

Blame game was on among different political parties. Opposition parties just got an interesting topic to hold power in next elections. Moreover, few people came to the streets to protest againt what has happened, for a day..! And then everything went normal.. as it always happens in our Indian society.!

Bade bhaiya is in jail, but, till when…? He will be free after few years, as all rapists in India are priviledged by.

But amidst all this, I saw the charred faces of my parents. They must be blaming themselves for leaving their 8 months daughter alone with their family members. Every moment I cry, mummy cries with me, when I used to see her, she would give a fake smile, no one in the world can understand her agony. Papa, papa doesn’t face me much.

Fathers are seen as hard rocks who stands stiff for the betterment of the future of their children, but , in that hospital ward, I saw a rock melting, in a corner.. helplessly…

Mummy papa must be blaming the day I was born, not because I was a girl, but what has happened to me. I was just 8 months old, I did not wore any fancy clothes, nor did I seduced anyone, neither I was drunk and it happened in daylight ! ( I wasn’t partying at night !!)

I was at the fault of having a vagina. Yes, this was the blunder!

So, I would just ask the society, who would they blame now, because it wasn’t my fault to come to this earth, when my father’s X chromosome met my mother’s X chromosome , I was brought to this world.

Now let’s have a look at the punishment for a rapist who destroyed a girl’s life and made it worse than hell. The minimum punishment is of 7 years. Just 7 years..?? After killing a girl’s soul and having served in prison for 7 years, they are free.

To rape again !!!

The maximum punishment is life imprisonment or death penalty ( which is not been awarded to anyone till date) !

Is wearing a covered dress is the solution?

Is working on flexible hours ( according to our Indian society) is the solution?

Is staying indoors is the solution?

Are late night parties are the cause?

Is having a glass of wine is the cause?

I just have one question to our respected SOCIETY, What is our fault.? Please tell us!

Some words on this horrendous event – by Prashant Gupta


Mind your words, It makes her cry
She’s a whore coz she shows her thigh,
Ever think you judge her, why?
In the end it’s her and I.
Try to hide but deep inside
She want to tell you, she want to fly
But you always want to make her lye
In the End, she end up scream so high.
Scream so high, scream so high….

No matter what she wore, they always found her a whore,
Close the door, open the drawer, take the skore,
On the floor, all the four, ripped off what she wore,
Now everyone just want to pour,
She end up screaming more and more.
They always come to help, they always want her to be aided,
Because they found her a bed sheet who should always be bedded,
Humanity in this world is now getting faded.


To end this i just want to share this image to all Indians

My blog post regarding Popular topics of Indian news


Welcome to Lucid-Ideas, here you will experience New ideas and Insights of popular topics of Indian News
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My blog post regarding Popular topics of Indian news

Welcome to Lucid-Ideas, here you will experience New ideas and Insights of popular topics of Indian News This section Of Indian News will be written...


Amidst the cosy lanes of Shakurpur Basti (Delhi), there was our house. I used to live with mummy and papa on the first floor,...

RIGHT TO DIE WITH DIGNITY- Living Bill now a legal document

In a landmark verdict, the Supreme Court on 9th March, 2018 ruled that under specific circumstances, a person has the right to decide against...