Last week, the news of Mosul killings – the killing of 39 Indian workers, abducted by IS flashed on the leading news channels.

I felt heartbroken and tearful when I saw those visuals of clothes and skeletal remains on TV. Thousands of kilometers away from their homeland, these workers went to Iraq in search of a job to make their living and betterment of deteriorating family conditions. But who knew that only their bones will come back to their homes.

According to the report of external home ministry, the body of 39 workers were found in a mass grave in Badush village, in the northern part of Iraq and that DNA test has provided a concrete proof for the identification of the slain.

Though, external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj, stated, “ With full proof I can say these 39 are dead.”, bringing closure to one of the longest search operations in India’s history, for the last three years, a few questions have been bothering the national spirit of thinking.

One of the workers, Harjit Masih, who rescued himself from the IS saying he was a Muslim, after coming back to India, said all of the 39 workers were killed in front of his eyes.

Yes, his explanation of being rescued, for being  a Muslim is quite flimsy, as the IS is itself involved in irreligious acts, and religion has never been an obstacle to their extremist moves of destruction.

Three years back, debate was on in parliament, with the opposition asking why the government wasn’t even considering Masih’s claims. In my views, if at that time, proper actions were taken, without asking for evidence, had one or two of the missing men must have returned.

In all this, we cannot forget the efforts made by Gen. VK Singh, it deserved to be taken into consideration. Last July, when Mosul finally liberated from the killer group of IS, the next day, Gen. VK Singh was sent to Mosul, given the responsibility of searching for the missing Indians.

In the absence of any prior arrangements, General Singh had to sleep on the floor along with other soldiers one evening.

All democratic governments in the world, including India, is fighting hard against the demonic organization such as IS.

But is it the sole responsibility of our governments, to make us safeguard from such horrendous situations, not the society ?

Why don’t we pledge that we won’t let organisations such as Isis enter India ? It is the failure of our society when the IS flags are waved in Kashmir or any other part of our country.

At the end, my question to the parliamentarians When the  common Indian people will be given the liberty of livelihood, so they don’t have to go away from their lands and killed by such conspiracies.


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